This is my knowledge base about Javascript. You'll find my personal notes regarding the hot mess of a language that is Javascript.

What? Why do you say Javascript is a hot mess?

Have you even seen this, man?

+0 == -0 //true
1 == 1 //true
1/+0 == 1/-0 //false

(Actually, I don't really mind this oddity. It's a helpful extension of the real numbers. There are other issues like function-scoped var that have bigger consequences.)

Don't get me wrong. Javascript has its perks. Functional programming is really cool. But the fact remains that it has all sorts of weird quirks that won't really be resolved until ES6 is implemented across all browsers.

If you want to dive into the deep marshes of Javascript, go right ahead. Just bring a torch and some holy water. Don't say I didn't warn you.