This is my knowledge base. It's a public home for my personal notes. It contains lots of information about a lot of different things. It's and educational reference and a repository of projects.

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What is this site?

These are my personal notes. They are by no means comprehensive on any topic. I type into here when learning something to reinforce my own learning. I have also copied a few of my own lecture notes from teaching people to code, so you will find a balance of advanced and beginner stuff.

I figured that I'd just make this available to the public to help other people along the way. So don't get sad if your favorite topic isn't covered in here. Lots of other people have written much better books and tutorials than I have already, and I don't see any reason to compete in that space. I've linked my favorite resources in a few pages in case you want to check them out, too.

How's it made?

I wrote this site using Pico CMS. It's exactly the same CMS I use on my portfolio website. It's lightweight, easy to use, fast, and overall fantastic. It's exactly the CMS I would have designed, but better. It's the modern coder's dream - it uses Markdown for easy organization and is neatly installed onto an ordinary PHP server.

If you want to use this Pico theme for your own notes, you can find it here. It's called Clutter. It's also on the Pico website.

The theme is heavily inspired by the Bits and Pieces theme. I had been taking notes in Markdown for a while before I dicovered Pico, but I felt the Bits and Pieces theme was a bit too lacking for me. (Even though I only added a handful of features.)